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-this is the place where i will write frequent blogs for customers looking for website/design information.  Additionally i'll post tips about website design and development for developers like me.



HTML5 & CSS3 Online Tools That Rock

With the rise in use of HTML5 and CSS3, here are 4 resources that can help with your HTML5 and CSS3 coding.


1. CSS3 Generator

2. CSS3 Maker

3. HTML5 Switch Tool

4. Box Shadow Tool




5 Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

1. The world is waiting on your product/service.  Since the Internet came on the scene commercially it has grown by leaps and bounds. From online bill pay, to eBay to Facebook, the Internet continues to play major part of our lives. Using the Internet to promote your product/service can give you exposure to clients who are near and aboard.

2. Your website is available 24 hours, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Your customers will be able to experience your business at all times.

3. Your website will allow your customers to experience your business in depth by having a website that displays the many great things about your business.

4. Most business big or small have some kind of online presence. If its through social media or a website, your customer would expect to have a way to get/stay in touch with you.

5. You can keep your customers coming back. Marketing your products/services in a creative way will keep your customers returning to your website.